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Why Join?

Why Join NSA Virginia?

"NSA Virginia improved my bottom line in the very first year of membership and that was just the beginning. Through my membership, I have developed a speaking business that may overtake my coaching and consulting practice in the near future. I have benefitted from the advice, mentoring and support of local chapter members and learned fast from the deep resources of the national organization, which far exceeds the quality of any other professional association I have seen. I would recommend NSA Virginia to every professional who wants to gain visibility and to profit from their expertise."

Tom Davidson, SPHR, PCC


What does NSA Virginia offer speakers, trainers, consultants & coaches?

Seminars & Workshops

As we have since 1991, we will be bringing top speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches from the National Speakers Association to teach us how to build our skills, our businesses and ultimately, how to improve the services we offer to our clients. These programs are led by successful business professionals who speak on their areas of expertise. They freely share their insights, strategies and skills with NSA Virginia members and guests.
Yes, you can not be a member, but still attend our dynamic meetings, but you’d be missing out on:

Discounted Registration Fees

As an NSA Virginia member, you can attend all programs and meetings at a discounted rate. Your membership quickly pays for itself!

Bonus Sessions

Occasionally, the monthly guest speaker will offer a special Bonus Session for NSA Virginia members. These are held in the afternoon following our networking lunch and the morning program. The Bonus Session delivers specific information, individual coaching, small group work, hands-on opportunities to apply what you’ve learned, and/or individual help to meet your needs.

Celebrity Speaker Preview Dinners

On the evening before our monthly events, when our speaker’s schedule allows, NSA Virginia members can join the speaker for dinner. While enjoying getting to know our guest in a relaxed, social setting you will inevitably pick up tips, advice and ideas. NSA members love to share.

Networking & Chapter Involvement

Make contacts within one of the most engaging NSA chapters in the country. You'll find that members help members. Referrals, advice on running your business, connections, partnering, mentoring, and brainstorming take place between members in our own unique NSA Virginia family.

Our meetings are attended by business professionals who have achieved local, regional, national and international success. Some engage in speaking as part of their jobs. Many are business owners who promote their business services or products through speaking. Others have done very few speeches or training sessions, but want to learn how to build a viable part-time or full-time business in this exciting field. NSA Virginia actively promotes mastermind groups and networking opportunities amongst its members.

Many of our members say their most rewarding experiences come from the camaraderie and synergy that comes from volunteering their time to work on NSA Virginia projects. Event planning, promotion, logistics, product sales, audio-visual, and registration jobs need filling on a regular basis. You'll work side-by-side with other speaking professionals and form close, rewarding relationships.

Professionally Speaking: NSA-Virginia E-Newsletter

Our terrific monthly e-newsletter is a free source of information for you and a forum that can place you in front of corporate and association subscribers who hire speakers. Submit your articles, advertise, share your profile or add your news to our “Member Happenings” column.

Showcase at NSA Virginia

Members can showcase a short speech, a training module, a signature story or new material to get feedback from the most supportive audience in the universe - your NSA Virginia peers. This constructive encouragement will help you polish your skills and get your material ready for “prime time.”

Your Information on the NSA Virginia Website

As an NSA Virginia professional member, you are listed with your own individual page in our Web Directory,   which is available to meeting planners in a searchable database here on our www.NSAvirginia.org website. Your name, photo, bio and a brief description of your programs will appear on the  NSA Virginia website in the Find A Speaker section. When you join NSA, you will also be featured on the national site. Many meeting planners use the websites to find speakers for both local and national events.

NSA-Virginia Library

Turbo-charge your learning curve! Almost everything you could ever want to know about the speaking business is contained in our library. Members can check out three CDs each month from our collection of more than 500 topics by the top experts in the speaking and business world.

NSA has changed my life and my career. The speakers and presentations I’ve heard have given me information that has dramatically increased my bottom line and my success as a speaker. It’s possibly the best investment I’ve ever made.

The resources available in the library are invaluable. Sometimes it’s not possible to attend every meeting that comes my way, because of time constraints. However, I can listen (at my convenience) to the tapes and CDs of the experts that are available through the library. What an asset!

Sandy Dumont


How can I become a member of NSA-Virginia

  • Member shall be a person actively engaged in speaking, whether it is keynotes, training, or presentations as part of a larger job description. A Member in NSA Virginia must also be a member of NSA.
  • What does it cost?
    • $120 - Dues Per 12 Months
    • $50- One time Administrative Fee
  • Contact our Administrator
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