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History and Bylaws



Download a copy of the NSA Virginia Bylaws



The origins of NSA Virginia (formerly known as the Virginia Speakers Association) can be traced back to a group of women who all shared a seminar platform for a program held in Norfolk, Virginia in 1991. Desiring to network with other professional speakers, the group expanded their circle to include a few men.

By spring 1992, ten to fifteen professional and aspiring speakers were meeting regularly over lunch at Fisherman's Wharf restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia. Hope Mihalap and David Meinz served as co-chairs of the group.

In 1993, they recognized a need for broader educational opportunities for members. Therefore, they began to work toward qualification as an official chapter of the National Speakers Association.

In 1994, NSA Virginia offered three full-day quarterly meetings featuring national speakers. In January 1995, David Meinz was elected to serve as the first president.

Members currently come from all parts of Virginia (and some from as far away as North Carolina) to attend monthly meetings and special events.

NSA Virginia Past Presidents

1995-96: David Meinz CSP
1996-97: Steve Kissell CSP
1997–98: Harold Wood
1998-99: Harold Wood
1999-00: Harold Wood
2000-01: Pat Moore
2001-02: Doris Young
2002-03: Kristin Arnold CSP
2003-04: Rick Chess
2004-05: Renee Cobb
2005-06: Gloria Thomas
2006-07: Will Turner
2007-08: Sandy Dumont
2008-09: Dorothy Erlanger
2009-10: Tom Davidson
2010-11: Cathy Lewis
2011-12: Coleen Kenny
2012-13: Pam Rambo
2013-14: Captain Jim Gordon


Chapter Member of the Year

The “Chapter Member of the Year” is awarded to the Chapter Member who has consistently contributed outstanding service to the chapter in multiple ways during the current year and is also deserving of national NSA recognition. Selection is at the discretion of the Chapter President. 
1997-98: David Meinz, CSP
1998-99: Harold Wood
1999-00: Harold Wood
2000-01: Kristin Arnold
2001-02: Kristin Arnold
2002-03: Doris Young
2003-04: Lois Gallo
2004-05: Lois Gallo
2005-06: Sandy Dumont
2006-07: Gloria Thomas
2007-08: Pat Raymond
2008-09: Tom Davidson
2009-10: Ron Chapman
2010-11: Pam Rambo
2011-12: Cathy Lewis
2012-13: Captain Jim Gordon
2013-14: Joan Bowling


President's Award

The “President’s Award” is bestowed upon Chapter Members who have contributed outstanding service during an event or within a particular service area in support of NSA Virginia during the current year. Selection is at the discretion of the Chapter President.
1998-99: Patrice Carlock, Steve Kissell, Pat Moore
1999-00: Kristin Arnold, Roger and Kathy Cawthon, William Persinger
2000-01: Gloria Thomas, Jim Meisner, and Harold Wood
2001-02: Rick Chess, Hayley Foster, Julia OConnor, Milt Saunders, and Harold Wood
2003-04: Rich Chess, Doris Young, Lois Gallo and Gloria Thomas
2004-05: Gloria Thomas, Will Turner and Sandy Dumont
2005-06: Will Turner and Steve Philbrick
2006-07: Tom Davidson, Sandy Dumont, and Dorothy Erlanger
2007-08: Tom Davidson, Terrie Glass, and Laura Cardone
2008-09: Lois Gallo, Nhat Pham, and Mary Lee Hardcastle
2009-10: Dorothy Erlanger and Coleen Kenny


Founders' Legacy Award

In honor of the chapter’s founders, the “Founders’ Legacy Award” (formerly the “Members Emeritus” award) is reserved for Chapter Members who have provided exceptional service to the development of the chapter over a number of years. Recipients must be shown to have a history of consistent service and to have demonstrated commitment to NSA’s founding vision.* Chapter Members may submit written nominations to the Board by April 15 of any given year, describing how the member has distinguished himself/herself in this way. Selection is made periodically by unanimous vote of the NSA Virginia Board.
2011 Gloria Thomas
2008 Hope Milhalap
2007 Steve Kissell
2004 Harold Wood

* NSA's founder, Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE, had a vision for an organization where professional speakers could convene to improve their presentations, exchange ideas and share experiences. He felt that everyone involved in the speaking profession would benefit from growing the number and quality of professional speakers. He referred to it as "making a bigger pie."

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